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June 7th, 2009 in Design


Studiohead’s Matt Harrison led a creative team in Sarajevo to create this unique ladies leather bag.

Maja Torba uses the high quality leather work of Damir Huseinovic, in combination with a variety of fabrics created by the other members of the centre. The result is a simple design, but one that allows each bag produced to be unique and highly treasured.

The design is a simple ladies two pocket shoulder bag with detachable straps. The bag can be ‘inverted’ so that the exterior surface is either the simple, elegant and durable leather, or the highly individual and vibrant hand-painted silk.

The straps can also be attached to the bag in a variety of combinations, to maximise the comfort of the bag to as many people and as many situations as possible. The design allows for single or double shoulder support, expansion and contraction of the bag, and back-pack style wearing.

The workshop was part of the All-inclusive Sarajevo project, run by Julia Cassim at the Helen Hamlyn Centre, and funded by the British Council.

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