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WorkSnug launched

November 26th, 2009 in News

WorkSnug is a new Augmented Reality App for the iPhone 3GS, that shows you the best and nearest places to work in the city. A revolutionary interface imposes information of the nearest Snugs (cafes, library’s, hot spots, hubs etc) onto the world around you, as seen through the video camera on the iPhone.

Information on each working environment, including wifi availability, atmosphere and even the quality of the coffee and service are immediately available to the travelling worker. Launched in London, WorkSnug will soon be available in Berlin and San Fransico, and more cities to come.

Studiohead created the identity for Worksnug, and are pleased to have some of our work sitting on our cherished iPhones. We are also taking a role in developing the concept into a world of future possibilities, more to come!!! Please see more at

you can download the App from iTunes with this link: