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48 Hour Inclusive Design Challenge, Korea

February 17th, 2011 in Uncategorized


Studiohead director Matt Harrison led a team in December’s 48 Hour Inclusive Design Challenge,as part of Desgin Korea 2010.

“Best presentation prize went to Team iPop led by¬†Studiohead‘s Matt Harrison for a mainstream device and smart phone application inspired by their profoundly deaf design partner, that enhances the cinema experience for everyone by projecting subtitles on to a pair of glasses with an embedded transparent video screen.”

In 48 hours the team researched the needs of a deaf person in the cinema environment, and came up with a design concept that can open up the world of cinema, not only to deaf people, but foreigners, language students and twitter users! An open source app delivers real time subtitles in any language, augmented onto the cinema screen through a pair of glasses. The whole process is managed through your smart phone that listens to the soundtrack of the film, and matches it with an online database of film scripts.

For more information about the Challenge, and the design please visit: