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BBC’s The Health Show

January 23rd, 2012 in Uncategorized


BBC World’s “The Health Show” filmed a feature using the inflatable operating theatre Studiohead created for Imperial College London. This version of the surgical training simulation features an Angioplasty; a wire is inserted through the artery in the thigh to unblock an obstructed blood vessel.

In normal cases the patient is under local anaesthetic during the procedure, and so in this set up, we have concealed an actor under the simulated patient to create realistic pressures on the clinical team.

The large ‘C-arm’ is an X-ray machine that allows the cardiologist to see the blood vessels, the blockage, and the inserted stent. We recreated a portable simulation of this imposing equipment, which is linked to a virtual reality simulation of the heart and blood vessels shown on the screens, created by Imperial College engineers.

In creating the simulation, we spent time observing real angioplasty’s in hospitals in London and Oxford to decide how to recreate the procedure in a realistic, but low-cost and portable way.

The resulting simulation provides an immersive training environment for clinical teams that recreates the pressures of the real thing, as well as a valuable tool for engaging the public about this increasingly common operation that is often used following a heart attack.

You can see the feature from “the Health Show” here: