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BBC Radio 3 – Between the Ears, The Scalpel and the Bow

January 13th, 2013 in News

Our two favourite professors, Prof Aaron Williamon (Royal College of Music) and Prof Roger Kneebone (Imperial College School of Medicine) discuss the use of simulation in teaching surgery and musical performance on BBC Radio 3.

Studiohead have played a key role in the development of both of these simulations. We have worked for several years with Roger Kneebone’s team at Imperial College creating low cost, but highly realistic simulations of operating theaters and procedures. For the Royal College of music we have created a simulated concert environment with a projected audience that reacts to performers, as well as a simulated audition panel.

These simulations are designed to recreate the high stresses of performing under pressure. They help both new and experienced musicians and clinicians perfect their technique and teamwork as well as keep their cool when things start to go wrong. This Radio 3 show compares in tandem the experiences of clinicians and musicians performing in our simulated environments, though it is easy to think that you are listening to the real thing.

More information on the RCM’s performance simulation:

More information on Imperial College clincial simulations: