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Grouple at Aging 2.0 London

February 8th, 2013 in Design News

We presented our recent project at Aging 2.0 london recently, and it features in this great write up of the seminar by Deborah Gale:

To quote Deborah: “…Matthew Harrison the co–founder of Collaborative Caring and in conjunction with five designers and developers has created an online tool for managing and monitoring the involvement, concerns and experiences of families when dealing with caring duties for relatives with dementia. I believe this product could fill a great need. Having recently had personal experience with a relative recovering from a stroke and responsible for trying to coordinate and communicate with multiple family members across counties, countries and even continents, I would have greatly enjoyed having had Grouple at my disposal. This product also manages to address the digital exclusion issue because assuming access and level of proficiency, it is possible for the ailing family member to also use this supportive online tool.”

We were just one of many projects presenting at the seminar, and I encourage you to read the article to find about the others.

Grouple was developed as part of the Design Council’s Living Well with Dementia challenge, along with Louise Wilson, Ifung Lu and Meike Walcha.